TCA Spot Treatment for Acne Scars and Fine Lines

After reading a fellow peeler's email and pondering it, I decided to try a new technique, or at least new to my face (I've done spot treatments on my hands). Using 50% TCA and a thin plastic applicator, I applied the TCA solution only in a few fine lines and small scars. I did only a few because this is new and I don't know how this will look in a couple of days (and I have work Monday) or how my face will react to such a high percentage, albeit very small application points.

I couldn't find anything plastic that was small enough, so I cut a thin strip off the edge of an old credit card I never used and peeled it apart. Perfect. I dipped the applicator into the solution and made sure there were no large droplets on it before I applied. I also had to use 15X makeup mirror to apply it because it's hard for me to see some of those scars (eyes are getting old).

I didn't use alcohol on any of the areas since the TCA % was so high. The tiny dots and thin lines frosted immediately, and I didn't wash them off or put anything on them afterward. I think this is a great way for me to address some of my issues (such as acne scars and fine lines) without downtime.

I'm sure I'll have a few tiny brown spots and thin lines, but they'll be so small no one will notice. And I think it's a technique that I can use more frequently since it's not a large area...the tiny areas will heal much faster, and I can treat those problem areas more frequently and more aggressively (fingers crossed).

After the frosting went away, I could barely see a few pink dots and lines: nothing a little concealer can't handle! I'm excited to see how this could change the schedule that I have had to keep to deal with the downtime.


  1. Hi Gabi!

    How did you manage the stinging? I am thinking maybe a couple bottles of Red before I do that?? Interesting. I feel I have some deeper lines that need a bit more coaxing. But honestly, I am too chicken...
    ...getting ready to do a quick but thorough 25%
    ~~Barb (no longer want my google so I will appear as annon) :)

  2. Barb, Good luck with your 25%. Yes, a couple of bottles should do it--wish I'd done that, but then I probably wouldn't have been able to aim ;-) Actually, it didn't seem any worse than a 25% TCA ... maybe because the areas were so small?? I have a hand-held fan that I frequently use during peels. I think I got it at Dollar Tree. I also have a tube of LMX4 (lidocaine 4%) I've used for other things that would work to numb the skin, but I've never used it for peels.