Facial TCA Series - Before and After

TCA Chemical Peel Series of 6 - Before and After Photos

These pictures are from before I started this TCA series and after the last peel, so there's about a six-month gap between the pictures and about four TCA chemical peels, ranging from a 12.5 to 25% buffered solution.

I purchased a 50% TCA chemical peel solution and diluted it to start out conservatively.

Here's a picture of me in September, before my first TCA peel. I was wearing sunscreen and powder, since that's what I usually wear.  I had several acne scars around my chin that were starting to look really bad, some fine lines, and discoloration around my smile lines. 

AFTER 1st Peel:

AFTER 2nd Peel: I don't have the pictures from my 2nd TCA peel.

AFTER 3rd Peel:
AFTER 4th Peel:

AFTER 5th Peel:

This is my face after the series of five TCA chemical peels. I am NOT wearing sunscreen or powder. I think my biggest problem area (my chin) is looking much better. The hyperpigmentation around my smile lines is much lighter! And I think the overall texture of my face looks much better...seems fuller and firmer, but could be wishful thinking ;-) Here's the solution I use, but I dilute it!.

AFTER 6th TCA Peel:
I do have on my favorite physical sunscreen (zinc) in this photo; that's probably why I look a little white (and like I have on makeup, which physical sunscreen accomplishes for me).