Facial Age Spot - Finally gone!

I've had this age spot on my temple for several years, and I've used lower-strength TCA on it many times, but to no avail, so I finally used 50% TCA to remove it.

Here are some before to current pictures of the age spots on my temple.  Age spots last year before any treatment. I found this picture in my Sept 2010 folder:

Age spots before treatment (there are two or three really small ones in addition to the larger one)

This peel is about a year after the picture above, so there's more sun damage since that picture was taken. Here's the picture after this year's 1st TCA chemical peel:
Age spots after 1st 18% TCA chemical peel
After 2nd TCA chemical peel:
Age spots after 2nd 18% TCA chemical peel
After 3rd TCA chemical peel:
Age spots after 3rd 18% TCA chemical peel
Day 2 after 50% TCA application

The picture above is two days after the 50% TCA peel application.  It stayed red for another day then turned brown. I accidentally peeled it off when I was in the shower, so the spot stayed red for a couple of weeks after the scab fell off:

After 50% TCA peel
I still have a few very small age spots in the area, but I'm going to attack those soon! I also wonder if this was a mole; although it was flat, it took so many TCA applications to remove that I'm still not sure...

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