Hand TCA Series - Before and After

These pictures are from a series of two TCA chemical peels. The first peel was at 25% and the second one was 50%. These solutions were much stronger than the solutions I used on my face, so I would never recommend using 50% strength on your face.

The 50% TCA Chemical Peel on my hands was actually quite painful for a couple of days, and the downtime was about two weeks for that peel, but it was easier since I did it during the winter months and could hide behind long sleeves and gloves.

The problem I was trying to address was age spots/sun spots/freckles and fine lines.


AFTER: There are a few flakes still there, but I couldn't wait to share the results!
I am thrilled with this last peel.  Yes, it took TWO very long weeks because it was strong, but a lot of the age spots or sun spots have been addressed and lightened.