Mole Removal with Chemical Peels

I have a pesky mole on my nose. It’s small, but it bothers me, so I saw my dermatologist for move removal; he burn off the mole, only for it to return. Did I get my $250 back when the mole returned? NO.

Although my dermatologist didn't perform a successful mole removal, I still think it's a good idea to have any suspicious mole checked by a doctor.

Mole Before Mole Removal Treatments

There are several products you can use for mole removal, but they're all very strong, so make sure you don't use them on anything except moles and/or warts.

I attempted mole removal myself a couple of months ago, but I quit after two sessions. I applied a solution of 50% TCA Chemical Peel for mole removal, on two separate occasions. The mole peeled twice.

Mole Peeling After TCA Mole Removal Treatment

The mole did get smaller, but the mole removal wasn't successful with the strength and number of applications. I lost interest since I’d gotten the mole down to a size that I couldn’t see it without my makeup mirror.

Recently, I’ve been reading more about mole removal with TCA chemical peels, and I've decided that the solution strength wasn't high enough for mole removal, and I was washing it off (thanks to my poster who suggested leaving it on overnight). So I applied a 50% TCA chemical peel solution to the mole, and I left it on. 

Mole Frosting after TCA Chemical Peel Mole Removal

It's interesting to me that as soon as I applied the solution, the mole seemed to get smaller. 

It actually didn’t hurt when I applied the mole removal solution and left it on. I did feel the solution on the mole, but not like the normal chemical peel sting and burn. It felt more like a pinprick, and as quickly as the pain came…it disappeared.

The frosting stayed visible on the mole much longer since I didn’t rinse it. After about 10 minutes, I applied my CU3 Copper Peptide Lotion, yet the mole remained white for about an hour.

Mole 2 Days After Mole Removal Treatment

This is the mole two days after the mole remover treatment.  Sorry for the other flakes, but I’m doing a round of retin-a, and the picture of the mole was taken right after I woke.

As you can see, although it's smaller, this single treatment was NOT enough.  Here's the continuation...and I did get rid of the mole!!!

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