50% TCA Spot Treatment for Acne Scars and Fine Lines

After only a day and a half, the spot treatments with 50% TCA are peeling. The fine lines that I treated are more noticeable than the acne scars, which were small dots of applied TCA solution.

How I applied the 50% TCA spot treatments.

The (temporary) upside to this spot treatment is that the swelling fills out the lines and acne scars, so they actually appear less noticeable than before, as long as I have applied concealer. Without the concealer on those spots and lines, they looked a bit darker, but it definitely was NOT noticeable with the concealer.

In this picture of the area above my lip that I applied 50% TCA to a couple of fine lines, I don't have concealer on them, and you can see they're starting to peel. You can also see the brown color, which is normal for this high a strength.

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