30% TCA Facial Patch Test

I did a patch test with a 30% TCA chemical peel solution because I want to do a deep peel in a couple of weeks, but I need to see how a large area of my facial skin will react to this high a percentage of TCA chemical peel. 

After cleansing with Cetaphil (no alcohol prep this time) I swabbed three quick layers on one temple where my hair always falls so I can do the patch test without downtime. I let the solution work for one (1) minute, then I applied shea butter. I followed it about 15 minutes later with a very thin layer of Cu3 complex. 

Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt at all until about 20 minutes after the application! And then it HURT! So, I had to find out why. This is what I found on the John Hopkins Medical site

“Anesthesia is not usually required for TCA peels because the chemical solution acts as an anesthetic.” This makes total sense now: I’d wondered why my 50% spot treatments didn’t hurt…

Here are pictures from before to after the 3rd layer of 30% TCA chemical peel application.  I’ll post more pictures this week as it progresses.

Just after the 1st Layer
Just after the 2nd Layer

Just after the 3rd Layer

Please do not use my personal experience as a replacement for medical advice. You should always consult your medical partner(s) when considering chemical peels. This blog is provided for information only.

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