TCA Peel and Sunscreens

UV rays are my enemy, as far as my face is concerned. If I want to make some vitamin D via the sun's UV rays, I let my body take the hit.

This is especially true when I'm doing TCA peels or any chemical peels for that matter, including retinol, Retin-A (tretinoin), or glycolic acid.

My face is acne-prone, so sunscreens are tricky for me:

1. With sensitive skin, which becomes more vulnerable with TCA peels, a physical sunscreen is necessary!
2. It can't be too rich, or I break out with spots or bumps.
3. If it's too shiny or reflective, it accentuates my fine lines.
4. If it's too matte, I look dried up and old.
5. If it's a fluid with silicones, it breaks me out and accentuates my flakes--and I have to use oil to remove it (too many negatives).

I've been successfully using Keys Solar RX for the last year, but I decided it's time to test some new brands since the technology and toxins change so quickly. Also, while this sunscreen works and meets most of my criteria, it is a bit greasy, so I have to use powder. The upside is that it doesn't break me out, so I may end up sticking with it if my trials don't work out.

Over the next three weeks, I'm going to test out three different brands of sunscreen, all of which have received good ratings from acne-prone users. I found and filtered these out using EWG and makeupalley. I always buy my sunscreen at stores that accept them returned since so many fail.  Two of my favorite places (to return items) are Ulta and Whole Foods. They both accept returns with a full refund if I have receipts and original packaging.

1. Aubrey Organics Saving Face 15 SPF - 12% zinc oxide only, lower SPF and price, okay for the winter, just a bit of a white cast and a little shiny (but some powder fixes that). This week, I'm using only Aubrey to see how my skin reacts. I usually react within 3-4 days if I'm going to break out. I already like the way it looks (with a little powder) and feels, but this lower SPF means winter use only except on those summer days when I know I won't be going outside.
2. MyChelle Sun Shield SPF28 - 12% zinc oxide, <1% titanium dioxide, higher SPF and price, good for summer or winter, no white cast but a bit reflective and shiny.
3. Beyond Coastal Natural Clear SPF30+ - 20% zinc oxide only, higher SPF and price, good for summer or winter, no white cast and matte

I'll post an update at the end of each week with details and my reaction.

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