3rd TCA peel - Before and After Pictures

I applied 20% TCA peel on Tuesday night before bed, and these are the pictures from each day.

Before, without sunscreen or powder:
Before 20% TCA peel, no SS or powder
Here's the progression of the peel, by day:
20% TCA peel - Day 1
20% TCA peel - Day 2
20% TCA peel - Day 2 pm

20% TCA peel - Day 3 am
20% TCA peel - Day 3 pm
20% TCA peel, day 4 am
The peeling on day 4 am is only on the sides of my face, so it's easy to cover with moisturizer (and my hair), so this is NOT downtime for me. I'll be out and about, but I'm not ready for my after photo yet.

AFTER 20% TCA peel, day 5
See all my TCA peel BEFORE and AFTER pictures at http://mychemicalpeel.blogspot.com/p/facial-tca-series-before-and-after.html

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