Remove Skin Tags with TCA Peels - Before and After Pictures

I applied 50% TCA peel on two skin tags on my neck. I did NOT use an alcohol prep since the TCA peel strength was so high.

Here are the pictures (click on the picture to enlarge):
Day 1 - 50% TCA peel on skin tags
Day 2 - 50% TCA peel on skin tags
Day 4 - 50% TCA peel on skin tags
By day 4, the smaller tag had fallen off, and the larger one was coming off around the base.
Day 7 - 50% TCA peel on skin tags
Although I still have a few flat moles on my neck, the two skin tags are gone. They always caught on my necklaces and collars: I'm soooo glad they're gone. Still working on the ones on my back and underarms.


  1. I used the 50% TCA from Beauty Scientific on a skin tag and applied it many times with no frost. It's been two days and I don't notice any difference in the skin tag. Any suggestions? I didn't prep it as it's in my arm pit area. Thanks!

  2. When you say you applied it many times, does that mean you applied many layers during the same application or that you've tried a single layer but many separate applications?

  3. I applied many layers about 5 minutes apart.

    1. I would check the pH level of the product you're using.

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