Hand Age Spots Treated with TCA Peel: Days 1-10

I used  50% TCA peel and did a spot treatment to age spots on my hands. I used the tip of a plastic pick and dabbed the solution on a few of the "more noticeable" spots.  Here's the progress of the spot treatment of the TCA chemical peel

Here is one of my hands before:

Before 50% TCA peel spot treatment
Day 0 - Spots frosting
Day 3
Day 6
Day 8
Day 10
The spots are lighter (although the lighting is different in all my pictures), but I really need to do a whole-hand treatment, which I hope to get to in January (when I'll need to wear gloves and extra-long sleeves every day).


  1. I used 50 percent and nothing really happened, how long did you leave on?

    1. PIB, I let mine neutralize on its own unless the burning seems unusually bad, so I simply apply moisturizer on it later, but I know my body's reaction to peels. Did your application frost? If not, I would determine the pH level of the peel solution. The pH level indicates the level of damage possible, which results in the skin peeling--or not, and I'm assuming that's what you mean by "nothing really happened."