25% TCA Peel with LED Light Therapy

This is my 3rd TCA peel this season, so I've graduated to 25% TCA peel strength. I started this season at 18%, then 20%. Here's the frost (I apply only to my problem areas). I applied the peel above my lip earlier in the day since it takes longer to peel and doesn't seem to be as noticeable during the healing process, so that's why it doesn't look frosted here.
Day 0 - 25% TCA peel frost
In addition to sharing this TCA peel's progress, I also wanted to share my (non-professional) thoughts on LED light therapy. From what I've read, LED light therapy will NOT offer any benefits to those seeking anti-aging or wrinkle treatments; however, LED light therapy is clinically proven to offer benefits to injured tissue (see below for sources).

I know many people use this device for anti-aging and wrinkle treatment, so remember, I'm only speaking from my opinion--I have been wrong about many things, so please share any information you may have found (professional or clinical studies are preferred, but anecdotal evidence is also beneficial). I know there is a device called the Titan that is FDA approved for anti-aging and wrinkle treatment only in medical offices, but devices sold for home use are not comparable, according to the literature I've read.

Using my DPL LED Light Therapy following my TCA peel
With this in mind, I've been using the DPL (Deep Penetrating Light) Therapy after my TCA peels since the skin is injured, and the LED light therapy (supposedly) accelerates the healing process. Does it work? I don't know, but based on the clinical studies, I think it has the potential to work. I still see plenty of swelling, but I do think that my peels finish faster, maybe by  1-2 days, compared to others with whom I've corresponded. Since I also purchased this device for pain management due to a ruptured disc, I can justify the price.

Here are pictures of the morning after (day 1, am). You can see the areas where I applied the 25% TCA peel are pink. Physical sunscreen and a bit of concealer will easily hide this.

Day 1 - 25% TCA peel (no makeup or sunscreen)
Day 2 - 25% TCA peel
On day 2, you can see my skin is starting to turn a bit brown, which is normal. The skin is tighter and starting to take on that leathery look and feel, but I can still go out with ss and concealer. Here are side pictures:

I will post pictures in a few days after this 25% TCA peel is finished.

LED Light Therapy Sources:

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