25% TCA Peel with LED Light Therapy: Days 3-4

Today is day 4, and my peeling is done! Well, really it took 3.5 days from application to last peel: I applied the 25% TCA peel Wednesday night before bed, and the last piece fell off during lunch today (Sunday).

I'll re-post all the pictures here for those who didn't see days 0-2.

I applied the chemical peel above my lip earlier in the day since it takes longer to peel and doesn't seem to be as noticeable during the healing process, so that's why it doesn't look frosted here.

Day 0 - 25% TCA peel frost

Using my DPL LED Light Therapy following my TCA peel
With this in mind, I've been using the DPL (Deep Penetrating Light) Therapy after my TCA peels since the skin is injured, and the LED light therapy (supposedly) accelerates the healing process. Does it work? I don't know, but based on the clinical studies, I think it has the potential to work. I still see plenty of swelling, but I do think that my peels finish faster, maybe by  1-2 days, compared to others with whom I've corresponded. Since I also purchased this device for pain management due to a ruptured disc, I can justify the price.
Day 1 - 25% TCA peel (no makeup or sunscreen)
Day 2 - 25% TCA peel
On day 2, you can see my skin is starting to turn a bit brown, which is normal. The skin is tighter and starting to take on that leathery look and feel, but I can still go out with ss and concealer. Here are side pictures:
Day 2 - pm

Day 2 - pm
Day 3
Day 3
I continued using my DPL LED Light Therapy device for 9 minutes each day, except for day 4. I do think it speeds the peeling and healing, but I just don't know for sure.

Most of the skin under my mouth (chin areas) peeled off by the evening of day 3 (Saturday). And this is what I woke up to Sunday morning (day 4):

Day 4 - am
What you see above peeled off by lunch time.  Although I'm finished peeling now (not pictured), I'm still a bit pink, so I'm slathered in zinc. I'll take some AFTER pictures tomorrow and post BEFORE and AFTER then.  Happy New Year Skin everyone!

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