18% TCA Chemical Peel - Day 3

Day 1 was a breeze, as usual, but day 2 was really just like day 1, with the exception of few minor flakes just before bed, which is so different from my usual day 2 of itching, tight, leathery feeling skin!

Day 3 was pretty typical: lots of peeling, followed by moisturizing, then more peeling. Here's a picture after waking and cleansing:
Day 3 of 18% Chemical Peel - AM

Most of my peeling today was above my lip and just below my mouth. I've learned that the mouth area heals first for me (actually, the eyes heal faster, but I don't apply chemical peels there because I'm a chicken).

The sides of my face peel last, so it's no surprise that by my evening cleansing, the sides of my face were really just starting to peel but lip and chin areas had finished. The age spot area that I applied four layers to also peeled during the day, but I forgot to take a picture:
Day 3 of 18% Chemical Peel - PM
No, the open mouth is not gasping...just not sure what that was about, but that's all I got, as they say.

This has been such an easy peel. I think there are several factors at work here: I rinsed as soon as the frost appeared, so the depth was minimal; I prepped for a longer time this year with Retin-A whereas last year I used only glycolic acid to prep; I'm eating healthier this year than last year; and I tried to follow some of my basic guidelines, those things we should all do to speed up the healing process.

I'm working on a list of suggestions or guidelines for accelerating the healing process, and I plan to post that before Thanksgiving.

I'll post pictures tomorrow of before and after this first real peel, although I'm not sure I'll be able to see much difference after my first real peel of this year. Mantra: slower is better (but I just wish I could be more aggressive)!

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