18% TCA Chemical Peel - day 2

WOW, I love the 18% TCA chemical peel. I wish I would have gone with this strength on my patch!  Day 2 is usually so tough: tight, itchy, redish/brown, leathery!  But at 18%, it was barely noticeable BEFORE I put on a bit of concealer, and it didn't look hideous at all, like it usually does on day 2.

Don't get me wrong, I won't be planning any dinner parties on day 2 of any chemical peel, but I can do this and still function in the world!

Here's a picture of me without concealer. You may be able to see that there's just a bit of swelling, which I actually like!
18% w 2 layers, TCA chemical peel - Day 2 am

Here's the area where I applied 4 layers -- big difference!
18% with 4 layers - day 2

Here's the end of the day. You can see just a little bit of peeling starting just below my mouth, but if I had moisturized at all during the day, this probably would have happened until tomorrow am.
18% 2 layers - day 2 pm

More pictures tomorrow...

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