Problem Area #2 - Before and After

I'm doing only small TCA peels now on problem areas, and Sunday I applied 25% TCA solution to one of my most stubborn problem areas.  Here's a picture after it frosted (on the left side), you can see it better by clicking on the picture to enlarge:

Here's a picture on Monday before makeup.  It's pink, but the concealer hid it without problems.

Here's a picture from day 3, after concealer.  The pink/brown is hidden, but there's nothing to get rid of that leathery look before it peels.  When doing such small sections though, it's hard to notice.  This picture is a close-up, so it would be more difficult to notice it in person.

Here's day 4:

And here are before and after pics.  The problem area is on the left in the picture:



I don't see much of a change, but I have to remember that light peels have to be done in a series to be effective, so my next all-over peel will have an even better effect.

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