Above Lip Vertical Lines - the Weekend Peel

For those of us getting or who've already gotten those pesky vertical lines above the lips, we've got a weekend fix!  I did this peel in less than 3 days - this could be done over the weekend, if you work like me.

I'm not a smoker, but I'm getting those vertical lines above my upper lip.  They're very faint at this point, so it's probably a good time to start some prevention.

Here's a before picture without makeup or sunscreen:

I really can't see the lines unless I'm using my makeup mirror, so you may not see them here.  This is just before I applied a 30% TCA solution, but I made sure to put petroleum jelly on my lips before I started.

Here's the frost (OUCH):

Here's day 2 with lots of Cu3:

This picture is after sunscreen, powder, and Cu3 lotion (only above my lip). I thought my upper lip looked so great today because it was just ever so slightly swollen, and the Cu3 kept it from drying out, so it looked great!  Unfortunately, tomorrow isn't as good...

Here's day 3, morning, before sunscreen or makeup but after Cu3.

 I peeled all day, but it was minor with the Cu3 lotion.  This peel went quickly: applied Monday and done Wednesday! Very fast...this could be repeated on the weekend with the application on Friday night.

I really can't see a difference in this before and after, except the skin does look brighter, less dull.  I need to do this every-other weekend for a few months!


No makeup or sunscreen, only moisturizer.


  1. the line in the center of your cupids bow is less noticeable, maybe it did help a little. i'm want to try this, I have those lines to and I dont smoke. which peel is best if I never did this befor? jill

  2. I would try to do a month of the gorgeous peel or retin-a--or some other agent to prep your skin. If you can, you'll get better results; if you can't, then go with a 10-15% TCA solution. A good one is the Lunch Peel from Anais. You can click on the Georgeous Peel image to the right and find their Lunch Peel, which is a perfect solution for beginners.