Spot treatment for hands - Before and After

My hands have finished peeling.  Here are pictures through the two-week process.

I used buffered 50% TCA solution to spot treat my hands.  I still have lots of small spots that I want to fade.
Here's a picture right after the application.  You can see a few areas that frosted, but not all of them.

Here's a picture several hours after the application, when the spots are pink:

Here's a picture from day 5.  You can see there's some peeling, but since this was a spot treatment, the peeling happens without me noticing.

The spots peeled after about 8 days, but I waited a few more days to take pictures. Here are the before and after pictures:



There is some improvement, but different lighting makes it so hard to compare, IMHO.  I do see fewer spots, and some are lighter, but I need to do a couple more all-over peels to get better results.  Since winter is winding down, I'll need to get started on that right away.  I think I'll apply another peel tonight...


  1. I have acne scarring on my face, its not severe but it does bother me. What type of peel would you recommend for this?

  2. You'll need to do medium peels to really make a big difference. I have a male friend who's been doing light peels, one every month, with some improvement. His are also mild, not ice pick type. Possibly several years of monthly light peels could help, but don't do them when you're doing to be exposed to a lot of UV, like during the summer, or the scars will turn brown. You'll need to find a sunscreen that will work for you if you choose this option. See my page What is a Chemical Peel to get more info on medium peels. Good luck!