Hands Really Tell Our Age

I am so tired of looking at these age spots!  No matter how good our faces looks, hands really tell our age!  My spot treatment helped a tiny bit, but I needed a high-powered peel for these hands, so I applied a buffered 50% TCA solution to my hands; this is my 2nd all-over hand peel this winter, along with 1 spot treatment.

Here’s a picture before:

Here’s a picture after about 2 minutes with the solution, when it began to frost.  My hands actually hurt after the frost went away on this peel. It was painful for a full day.  I used a lot of copper peptide cream, and that helped:

Here’s day 3 (OMG). Only do this when you can wear extra-long sleeves to cover your hands because they really look bad:

This is a deep peel, so it will take time to start peeling.  I’ll post again later.

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