4th TCA Peel

I turned 47 this month, and this year I vowed to be more aggressive in getting my skin in better condition.  To that end, yesterday, I did my 4th TCA chemical peel to address fine lines, some slight hyperpigmentation, and overall texture. Although I've also done some spot treatments, I'll just call this the 4th one.

I did only the lower portion because I feel like everything above that is in great shape and really doesn't need any additional TCA chemical peels, although I will continue glycolic acid for maintenance until the fall.

I used a 25% TCA chemical peel solution, and it frosted within 1 minute, so I rinsed as soon as it frosted.  I don't want to frost too deeply - less peeling, more healing, right!  The previous TCA chemical peels have helped with fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and overall texture, but I'm still not where I want to be...maybe one more after this??

Here's a before picture that I took on 2/11. No makeup or sunscreen, and I can still see some fine lines, some slight hyperpigmentation, and overall texture that looks a bit saggy around my mouth corners and lumpy on my chin--I don't know what that is:

Here's a picture after rinsing the solution off. The frost is still there, but it went away after about 10 minutes.

Here's a picture from this morning, about 12 hours after the TCA chemical peel solution was applied. No makeup or sunscreen yet.

I'm hoping this peel will be done by Saturday!  I may be able to do one more after this to make sure I really address fine lines, all the hyperpigmentation, and overall texture before the summer gets here because I will NOT be doing any TCA peels during that time.  My skin will have three full months away from TCA chemical peels because I do not want to cause any more UV damage or hyperpigmentation.


  1. Ok Gabi, tonight I will be applying 25% (did an 18% on the 6th) and watch for frosting, since I did not with the 18% except on chin?
    I have sag issues on lower corners of mouth that I blame on laser resurf done in 02 for peri-oral area. I wonder if I can be a bit more aggressive here. I also try to do the skin along jaw line thinking it will tighten that area.
    Who knows. The area between eyebrows is looking much better! Yay! Which makes me believe I can apply a stronger solution to the chin.

  2. Barbara, sounds like your chin may be more sensitive, so you may need to neutralize that before the rest if it starts to burn or frosts sooner than the other areas. I've done that on almost every peel, on the areas under my eyes, like right on my cheek bone but toward the center of my face, since that area is so sensitive for me. Good luck and happy peeling!

  3. Well I was all prepared and had an accident! One of my pups scratched the side of my face and I was worried about the sting.

    So, tonight I will be applying the 25% and maybe leave the chin for very last. Thanks.

  4. Okay, I read your other comment first, so I see now why you avoided the cheek area. Good thinking!

  5. Is this the most intense frost you have experienced?
    Thanks for your blog posts, they are very helpful :)

    1. No, I think the 50% TCA peels I've done on my arms were much worse, as well as the ones I did with multiple layers on moles. They turned black almost immediately with several layers of the solution.