Thinning Skin? Help is Here!

Thinning Skin? Help is here!

If you’ve been thinking about trying the oil cleansing method, you’ve got a new reason. 

Thinning of the dermis layer occurs with aging due to collagen reduction and UV damage. According to Julia Lawless, author of The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils, there are some natural remedies that can help to increase collagen production in skin, and it's a spin off of the oil cleansing method.

The dermis is the lower inner layer of the skin where wrinkles first develop, according to This layer contains blood vessels, hair follicles, and sweat glands, among other things, and this layer helps to regulate sebum production, produces collagen, and maintains the structure of skin. Remember, products containing collagen do not penetrate to the dermis, so external collagen cannot help in this area.

The procedure involves massaging a combination of essential oils into the skin.  Massage also helps increase circulation, which aids in collagen production.  I use massage daily with my oil cleansing method, and this method is similar but uses different oils. 

If you want to start out simple with an oil cleansing method, try apricot kernel oil:
  • Wash hands and moisten face with water. Pour about a ½ teaspoon of the oil into your hands and begin massaging in circular motions.  Make sure you have enough oil; you don’t want to tug the skin, and the oil will allow your fingertips to gently glide over the skin.
  •  Continue for about two minutes, and you may leave it on as long as you’d like. Gently wipe the excess oil. I use rinsed baby wipes.  Apply moisturizer and sunscreen.  Try this twice a day.
  •  If you have oily skin, don’t worry! This oil does not clog pores and it is somewhat dry, so you will need to moisturize.
If you're interested in the oil cleansing method while experimenting with the essential oil combinations that author Julia Lawless recommends, here is a recommended recipe and method:
  • Combine in a small bottle with an airtight lid:  1 cup coconut oil, ½ tsp. carrot seed essential oil, ½ tsp. elemi essential oil, ½ tsp. linaloe essential oil, ½ tsp. peppermint, ¼  tsp. spearmint essential oil, ¼ tsp. rosemary essential oil, and ¼ tsp. Peru balsam essential oil. Shake the bottle well
  • Dab a small portion of the mixture on the most sensitive area of your skin to test for an allergic reaction. If you have no reaction within 24 hours, proceed.
  • Pour a small amount of the mixture onto clean hands. Gently massage the oil onto skin for 2 minutes. Leave the oil on your skin for 20 minutes after massaging it in for best results.
  • Rinse your skin with warm water and wash with a gentle cleanser. Apply moisturizer and sunscreen.
  • Use two times per day: morning and evening. Stop using the essential oil mixture if it causes irritation, redness, swelling or dry skin.
  • Store unused portions of the essential oil mixture in a cool, dry place or in the refrigerator for 90 days. Discard the essential oil mixture after 90 days.

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