Acne Treatment Options

Acne Treatments: Weighing Up Your Options

I was really disappointed to see glycolic acid and salicylic acid missing as treatment options for acne in this article published on Medical News Today.

The article lists six options for treating acne, all of them requiring a prescription--and a doctor to give that prescription.  The options included gels to unblock pores and kill bacteria (they didn't list any names), vitamin a cream (again, they didn't list names, but we know that's retin-a), antibiotic topicals, azelaic acid gel, antibiotics (oral form), and isotretinoin (such as Accutane, although they didn't list the name).

I have a theory: doctors want to make us think that we have to go through them to get script drugs or treatment for acne.We do not have to be dependent on them any longer to eliminate those nasty bumps, blackheads, and pimples.

I do believe that there are some extreme cases of acne that need oral medications. Perhaps if more people knew--via their doctors' advice--how successful glycolic acid and salicylic acid are for creating and maintaining clear complexions, these sufferers may have eliminated the problems before they got out of hand, maybe.

I've struggled with mild acne since I was 13, and I've tried most of those options listed.  The only thing that has worked for me is glycolic acid.  It also costs the least amount, while doing the least damage to my body and wallet.

I still get breakouts if I don't use glycolic acid regularly, normally around my period or when I use a product that doesn't agree with my skin, such as some sunscreens.  There's also a medication that I take for migraines that causes breakouts for me, but my doctor couldn't keep those breakouts from happening, although I will admit that I didn't try Accutane because it has so many harmful side effects, and mild acne does not justify using such a harsh drug.

Using glycolic acid once a week has done wonders for me.  I also have used Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion with success when I was out of glycolic acid. If you know someone with acne, please let them know they have other options.


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  2. I looked up lerosett, and it is plagued with mentions of scam. I also read posts on a couple of forums, and users said they never saw any improvement, so I'll say the jury's out for me.