Chemical Peel Frosting

Several people have asked about frosting, so I wanted to post a picture of what the skin looks like when it frosts during a chemical peel.

This picture is a close up from my third TCA Chemical Peel, using a 25% solution:

You can see the areas are red from the solution, but where the solution has penetrated well, it is a translucent white or milky color.

Ideally, the frosting is uniform, but you can see where the solution dripped down one nostril, there is frosting.  I'm glad I put petroleum jelly on my lips because there is a lot of frosting just above my lips, and it abruptly stops there.

I will post picture tomorrow from day 2 after the peel.


  1. Thank you again for all of this information. I have done the 35%glycolics, and am now doing 50%glycolic in prep for the TCA. Woo hooo!!!

    My redness seems to be in the same areas...and of course my nose. It is just sticking to a regimen that works. Consistency will prove to be the winner!!! Good luck :)

  2. Barbara, the 50% is strong for me, so I have to dilute it most of the time. I know you're excited about getting to the TCA. You'll love it after the peeling is finished. This last one took only THREE days to peel, and the first day wasn't even noticeable, so I'm really happy. I'll be posting more pictures this week. Keep me updated on your progress.