3rd TCA Chemical Peel - Day 2

Today, the day after applying my third TCA Chemical Peel (25%), my face is tight and pink, nothing a little concealer and blush can't hide.

I like to put blush on the areas that aren't pink to even it out without having to put a lot of time into concealer, which is also more expensive.

The tightness bothers me more than anything else, so I use lots of moisturizer.  Unfortunately, the moisturizer only minimizes those fine lines that come from the tightness.

To accelerate heeling, if you have a humidifier, use it as much as possible to keep the air and your skin from getting too dry too fast.  You want to give the new skin time to fully develop before the skin starts to crack or peel.  Also, drink lots of water and try to stay away from sugar, which slows down healing.

I'll post pictures tomorrow from day 3.

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