3rd TCA Chemical Peel

Last night, I applied my third TCA chemical peel in this series.  I used a 25% solution, which was really strong.  I took a video, but I pulled out only a few pictures from it.  If you’re interested in seeing the video, let me know, and I’ll send you a link.

If you haven’t read my page on how to do a chemical peel, you should take a look to make sure you prepare for it correctly, which may take up to a month.  I’ve already done that, so I’ll include only the steps that were applicable for this peel. 

1. After preparing my 25% TCA chemical peel and mixing the neutralizer, I cleansed and removed any remaining oils using rubbing alcohol.

2. I apply protection to my lips using petroleum jelly.

3. Using the two swabs, I dip them into the dish and apply in this order: forehead, nose, above lip, cheeks, chin area.  While I use my fingers to apply glycolic acid, I don’t want to do this with TCA chemical peel or I'll peel the tips of my fingers.

4. I let the areas frost before neutralizing.  Frosting is when the skin starts to turn white or looks a bit like a frosted glass.  NOTE: if the three-minute timer rings before frosting has occurred, I have to decide if I want to wait.  I know my reaction when it frosts versus not frosting.  I keep in mind that the longer I leave on the solution, the longer it will take to peel. I NEVER LEAVE THE PEEL ON LONGER THAN FIVE MINUTES.  For this peel, since it was stronger than the others, I didn’t use a timer: I just waited until it frosted, which occurred in less than 1 minute.

5. I apply the neutralizer with my fingers.  This is a mixture of baking soda and water.

6. Then rinse with copious amounts of cool water for about 1-2 minutes and gently blot the face dry with a hand towel.

7. Apply a gentle moisturizer, such as shea butter .

8. Apply sunscreen if it's daytime.

Do not use any peeling agents for at least one week.  If my skin tolerates the peel well, I can do another in 4-5 weeks.  Visit my page Caring for skin after Chemical Peel

I'll post pictures tomorrow of how my face looks the next morning.


  1. Hi. I have been doing the 35% glycolc, then the 50% glycolic and I have a question...did you first begin in sections in Sept with 25%TCA?? Then in October-Full face - with the 15% TCA? Nov/Dec 18%, then January with the 25% again but full-face this time?

    Thank you so much!

  2. Barbara, my first peel (in sections) in Sept was with 12.5%--or close to that. I remember because I had 100% solution, and the easiest way to mix it was using my 1/4 tsp, and I just added 3 parts water to 1 part solution, so it had to be close. So my progression was 12.5, 15, 18, then 25. Hope that helps.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up. I think it is a good idea that you did your face in sections at the lowest strength. So there are areas on your face that have had four TCA peels so far, correct?
    This is exciting. I have begun the 35% glycolic on my daughter (she is 25) and has some problems with blemishes. She is loving these!
    Also, the only tca 100% solution I can find is Yvonae's TCA Peel? I will probably begin my own hands and arms as well, soon, too. Thank you again. :) Your skin looks amazing. If all turns out well in the spring I may treat myself to some filler for my lips.

  4. Barbara, Thanks for your posts. Glad to hear your daughter is using the glycolic 35%. It helps so much with my blemishes (crazy to get those at 47!). There are some bad reviews for the 100% from her, but that's what I have. If you want something with no bad reviews, Skin Laboratory has 50%, and you'll never use that high of a solution anyway. All my glycolic is from them, and they're great. Yes, there are areas that have been done four times, and I'll probably do those problem areas more. I could use some fillers too! Take care.

  5. just curious..are you a Licensed Esthetician?