Peel #2 Picture

My most recent TCA chemical peel was the night of Thanksgiving.  I did an 18% 1.7 pH TCA peel by diluting my 50% TCA solution with water.  See How to do an at-home TCA chemical peel for my steps on performing an at-home chemical peel.

The peeling wasn’t as bad this time because I switched to the oil cleansing method, but I took a picture of the peeling on day 4 before cleansing, just after I woke up, so you could see what to expect from a fairly mild "medium" chemical peel, about 4 days out.

While it is not noticeable in passing and at a distance of about 7-8 feet, you definitely don’t want to schedule a peel within 1-2 weeks of any outing.  I don’t mind going to work this way because I really don’t care what middle schoolers think of my face, and my co-workers know me and what I’m doing. 

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