TCA Mole Removal - Lower Eyelid

I've had this pesky little mole under my eye for a long time, so I found some courage last week and decided to zap it with 50% TCA chemical peel solution.

I dabbed the solution on with a thin plastic toothpick (made sure no large droplets were on the pick), and though it didn't hurt at all, it frosted right away.

After two days, the first layer peeled off.

Looks like I need to do another application, but it's definitely smaller (yea)!

1 comment:

  1. Wow your skin is AMAZING! It is just beautiful!

    I've been considering TCA peels for some stubborn arm freckles I have. I'm 21 and haven't gone into the sun unexposed in years, so I don't have too many- I'm thinking a spot treatment like what you've done here might really help my arms look better.

    Wonderful blog.