Remove those Skin Tags before Summer

It's spring, and my turtle necks have been replaced with neck- and shoulder-baring frocks. With great chagrin, I noticed a few skin tags on my neck!

Unfortunately for many women, skin tags starts developing with increasing frequency after age 30; and at 49, I produce 2 or 3 every winter, so I'm thrilled to be able to remove them quickly with TCA peels at home.

Last night I applied 50% TCA to three skin tags on my neck. I dipped the long, pointed end of a plastic hair pick into the solution, making sure there was no large droplet on the tip before touching the wet plastic tip to the first skin tag. I had to repeat the process a couple of times for each. Here's the picture of the frosted skin tags (click on the picture to enlarge):
This morning when I awoke, the tags had already turned dark brown. If they react the same as my skin tags in the past, they will fall off within the next 48 hours.
One of the great features of TCA chemical peel at this percentage is that it also acts as an anesthetic, so there is barely any sensation or pain.

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