Chemical Peel or Laser?

I saw an exchange recently on one of the forums I frequent, and someone asked if she should have a chemical peel or laser ablation.

Professional Opinions

This plastic surgeon says that chemical peels are better. See his video that addresses this question:
In addition, this clinical study that shows "Collagen type I was markedly increased after the [chemical] peel. Characteristic ultrastructural features of skin after peeling include markedly decreased epidermal intracytoplasmic vacuoles, decreased elastic fibers, and increased activated fibroblasts."

There are lots of variables that I considered before deciding to do at-home chemical peels, and some people just aren't good candidates.   Who's a good candidate for a chemical peel? Generally, fair-skinned and light-haired patients are better candidates for chemical peels.  If I had darker skin, I may also have good results, depending upon the type of problem being treated, but I may have been more likely to have uneven skin tone after an at-home chemical peel. People with darker skin may be better candidates for other cosmetic procedures.  Also, if I couldn't wear sunscreen, I probably would not be doing chemical peels because it's important to protect skin after peels.   In addition, some medications or disease may affect how well someone heals after a chemical peel, so those with diseases, such as diabetes, or those taking medications should always consult their medical care partner(s) before doing chemical peels. In reality, everyone should talk with a professional healthcare provided, whether a dermatologist or a general practitioner before doing chemical peels.   What to expect from a chemical peel Don't expect a miracle--they don't exist in this arena, but with consistent and conservative treatment, I've seen improvement in fine lines, skin tone, acne, age spots, melasma or dark patches, and improved texture.  What NOT to expect from a chemical peel   At-home chemical peels generally do not "fix" deep wrinkles, sagging skin, or bulges in the skin, although underlying collagen may increase to make them less noticeable. Lasers may be more appropriate for these problems--or other cosmetic procedures. 


  1. had laser done and was disapointed after cost. i think peels r also better option for us students with acne who cant go to dr

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  3. My doctor recommended chemical peel treatment. He told me that the results are much better and that's something good for my type of skin.
    Honestly, he was right and I love my results! My skin looks great and I'm glad that I've tried it!
    Kristy Martin in Toronto