Chemical Peel Progress

My chemical peel progress is going great. I feel like my skin has come a long way since I started diligently and consistently doing at-home chemical peels a few years ago.

Here are some pictures to record my progress in the last two years (I will be 50 at the end of 2013):

November 2012 (click on to enlarge):

Taken 11/20/12
 October 2010 (click on to enlarge):
Taken 10/15/10

I have sunscreen on in the picture from yesterday, so the zinc acts a bit as makeup and makes my skin look lighter, and the coloring in the pictures is different, but I see fine lines in the 2010 picture that seem filled in a bit in the picture from yesterday. The building of underlying collagen helps, but this is not an overnight process--it takes months to see benefits from 2-3 peels.

Over the last two years, I've done about 12 at-home TCA chemical peels. I've completed one chemical peel this season and have been prepping for my 2nd chemical peel by using a retinol. I've worked up to using my retinol every other night, and I have a few tips if you are experiencing sensitive skin, redness, irritation, flakes, or other side effects.

I've noticed since I bought a counter-top water filter that filters out chlorine, I can use my retinol more frequently without redness or irritation. I bought the water filter for drinking water, but then I decided that I'd try it on my face, so I moved the filter to my bathroom, and I love it!

The other thing that I've changed is moisturizers. I stopped using my old favorite, which had a petroleum base, and I switched to organic shea butter. This is great for hiding flakes, and it does NOT break out my uber acne-prone skin. I am still using my copper tri-peptide lotion 1-2 times per week with my retinol, but I am primarily moisturizing with the shea butter. Remember - do not use a copper peptide continually. It should be used for a few days on then a few days off.

How is your chemical peel progress?


  1. I am pleased. I have sort of been lazy - but it is a process that I feel results are seen.

    I have also been back to my obagi - a few more chemicals than I like for sure - but the turn over rate on exfoliating is optimum, for me.

    I love how smooth my skin looks - even for an oldy like me!!

    Thanks so much Gabi - you have motivated me to keep this up. Happy Holidays to you and your family.


    1. Hi Barb, Can you believe I've never tried Obagi! Is it better than retin-a or just different? I right there with you, it's a process but worth it, especially after we hit 40. You're welcome, and your comments keep me motivated too :-) Thanks and same to you and yours: may you have a peaceful and joyous season.

    2. Obagi has the facewash, the toner, the clear, the exfoderm, vit C, and a few other products. At night you use the RetinA ALONG with the Obagi Blender product.

      I feel Obagi is quicker. Using it more as a prep. I also wanted to use up the products. I do sometimes go a day or two without applying *it is an AM/PM type application. For the redness can be severe.

      I am very peely. Dry. I will be doing another 35% TCA in a couple weeks.

    3. Quicker than retin-a alone you mean?

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