25% TCA Peel for Arms: Day 15

Fifteen days ago, I applied 25% TCA peel solution to both my forearms. I did an alcohol cleansing of my arms first, then I put on 3 layers of the 25% TCA peel and did not rinse it off. I put lotion on my arms after about 5 minutes. It hurt for a long time, even when my thin cotton sleeves touched the hair on my arms.

Here's a picture before I applied the solution, so I can do a comparison after it is complete:

Before TCA peel (2012)
I did get a slight frost this time, but only on a small portion of my arm (far left on this picture):
Frost with 25% TCA Peel on arms (2012)
I took this picture in the evening, about 4-5 hours after I applied the peel. The picture doesn't show the redness as well as it could be seen.
25% TCA peel on arms, 4-5 hours after application

Day 3
25% TCA - day 3
Day 10
25% TCA - day 10
Day 13

25% TCA - day 13
Day 15
25% TCA - day15
It surprises me that it takes my face 3.5 days to finish peeling after 25% TCA, but my arms still aren't finished on day 15! I am not using my DPL Light Therapyon my arms though, and it seems the further I get from my eyes, the slower the peel completes.


  1. Do you think I could use the Beauty Scientific 50% TCA to do this - but just dilute it with distilled water? Maybe 2 droppers TCA and 2 droppers of water? I am trying to save money and buying both a 50% and a 25% would be expensive. I am freckled and wanted to use the 50% on my hands and a few other areas.

    Also, what do you recommend for my chest? It has some sundamage. I've been using retin-a on it but not sure why. I thought it would lighten it. Thanks!

  2. Julianna, I dilute 50% TCA, also to save money. I usually do it by drops since my dropper isn't precise (no lines for measuring). I correspond with someone who just did her chest and neck with Jessner and ended up with quite a mess (scabs, rash, etc.) I've never done mine with anything except retin-a and spot treatment on moles with TCA.

    Since I'm not a professional, I can't recommend anything specific, but I always do a small test area to see how my skin reacts and how long it takes when I use something new or apply it to a new area--and I always start with a lower strength.

  3. How many minutes you applied it? I want to use for my forearms but not sure for time.Nobody would want to get hyperpigmentation

    1. I applied 3 layers and never rinsed it off; after 5 minutes, I applied lotion. I never get hyperpigmentation from a peel - are you exposing your skin to UV rays after the peels or are you a person of color? If those apply to you, I can see how you would worry about that. Good luck.