Bye-bye Skin Tags

Well, I've officially lost it. It's funny how something can quickly turn into an obsession: after zapping all those skin tags on my neck, I became fixated on getting rid of the rest of them, but it was tricky.

This is a pretty gross one under my arm. It's white because it frosted after the 50% TCA application:
Underarm skin tag - frosted after 50% TCA application
These two skintags on my back were tricky: I used the long tip of a PLASTIC hair pick. I dipped the end of the plastic (NOT metal) hair pick into the 50% TCA solution and carefully touched only the tip of the skin tag with the solution. I had to do it while looking into my bathroom mirror. If I had a significant other, perhaps he could have done that for me.

Skin tags on my back after 50% TCA solution application

I'm not going to lie: this strength of TCA chemical peel hurts, but fortunately, it doesn't last long. I did NOT neutralize. I think these will be brown within a day or two and fall in a couple days.  Bye-bye skin tags!

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