Removing Age Spots or Sun Spots with Chemical Peels

After doing the 18% TCA chemical peel last week, I decided that those age spots or sun spots on my temple need to come off. The 18% TCA chemical peel didn't do much to them, but I still have a few applications remaining of that concentration, so I decided to apply it every week until I do my next facial chemical peel to see if I can get any results at this percentage with weekly applications.

Here are the age spots or sun spots during the first 8% TCA chemical peel. I applied the TCA chemical peel in a large circular motion on the age spots (there are 3 very small ones and 1 larger); I should have simply dabbed it on the age spots. 
1st 18% TCA frost
This is day 3 of the 1st 18% TCA chemical peel on the age spots:

Day 3 of 1st 18% TCA chemical peel
 This is day 4 after the 1st 18% TCA chemical peel on the age spots. The area has completely peeled, but the age spots don't appear to have lightened at all.

Age spots after 1st 18% TCA chemical peel
Here's the 2nd application of 18% TCA chemical peel, seven days after the first application. I tried to apply the 18% TCA solution only on the age spots, but I used a cotton swap, so more of the solution ended up on my skin than I had intended.
2nd Frost of 18% TCA chemical peel
This is the morning after the 2nd application:
Day 1 of 2nd 18% TCA chemical peel
I think I'll end up having to go to a higher percentage of TCA to eliminate these age spots, but I've read that multiple applications of lower-percentage TCA peels can accomplish the same results as a single higher dose, and I intend to find out if it's true.

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