Mole Removal Before and After Pictures

Since my dermatologist's laser wasn't successful in permanent mole removal, I've been trying to remove it with 50% TCA mole removal treatments.  Here are the before and after pictures of my THREE 50% TCA chemical peel mole removal treatments:

Mole Before Mole Removal Treatments


Mole After 3 TCA Mole Removal Treatments
It's not 100% healed, but it's close and with a little concealer, you can't even see it. I have pictures throughout the process below...

If you haven't seen the earlier posts on my nose mole, here are the previous pictures and process, for the first treatment.

2nd Mole Removal Treatment

I am using a 50% TCA chemical peel solution WITHOUT washing it off, so it stays on overnight. This strength peel is equivalent to other products labeled for wart and mole removal, but I don't have to buy an additional product.

2 Days After 2nd Mole Removal Treatment

The tiny scab, if you can even call it that, fell off without my noticing it, but I could still see a tiny mole still hiding in its aftermath, so I decided to immediately apply the 50% TCA chemical peel mole removal treatment again.

3rd Mole Removal Treatment

Here's the 3rd mole removal treatment, applied again only THREE days after the 2nd treatment. I'm trying to be more aggressive with it this time!

Mole Frosts after 3rd Mole Removal Treatment
I left the mole removal treatment on overnight again but applied CU3 copper peptide lotion
about an hour after the treatment.

This picture is three days after the 3rd mole removal treatment application:
3rd Mole Removal Treatment
The scab is starting to form, and you can see where I accidentally got a drop of the solution above the mole; fortunately, I saw it when it happened and put a cream on it immediately. Although there's a slight dryness there, it didn't penetrate as deeply as the area on the mole.

Day 4 after the 3rd mole removal treatment. The slight scab fell off.

Day 4 after 3rd Mole Removal Treatment
There are several products you can use for mole removal, but they're very strong, so make sure you don't use these products on anything except moles and/or warts.


  1. Hi, what a great post and i love the pix cuz it helps me know how mine might look.. I have a brown mole on my cheek that Ive hated for years. Im gonna try this as soon as I get my peel so.lution ! thanks ;)

    1. I'm glad it helped. I'm actually getting ready to post a picture of my nose so that people can see how it looks over a year after my last peel to remove it.

  2. Oh that’s really a great post but I should have read it a week before! I too had a mole on my face which I hated for years but recently got it removed with a mole removal treatment. They said that they have used some surgical shaving technique. A small scar is there but I it’s getting minimized day by day.

  3. Good job! Be cautious. I have a very small scar (near my waist) due to 70% glycolic acid. It was burning quite a bit and I didn't remove it, should have been obvious.