5th TCA Chemical Peel: day 4

It's spring break this week, so I decided to sneak in one final TCA chemical peel before summer. I used a 25% TCA chemical peel solution.

I applied the chemical peel only to the lower half of my face because I feel this is my problem area. I also do not feel that I need additional peels on the other areas of my face at this point, although I do continue to use 35% glycolic acid weekly all over my face.

DAY 1:
Here's the picture just after the area frosted:

I followed my normal at-home chemical peel procedures. Some people have commented that I don't need to neutralize, but the instructions that came with my chemical peel say to neutralize, so I want to stress that you should always follow the instructions on YOUR chemical peel because they are not all the same. Some that have different pH levels require neutralizing, and others don't.

DAY 2:
On day two after a chemical peel for me, there really wasn't much to see. This is usually a day that I can still go out in public. I'm not wearing sunscreen or makeup here. There's a little bit of discoloration, but powder will cover it.

DAY 3:
This is usually the worst day for me: red, tight, leathery, with no peeling. Liquid makeup doesn't cover well, but powder will camouflage a bit.

 Day 4 of a chemical peel for me is better than day 3 because at least the peeling releases the tightened skin, and when it peels, it's like I can see the progress I'm making with my skin.

DAY 4:

Today, the peeling from my 25% TCA chemical peel started and nearly finished, so by early evening, I was out and about with a bit of concealer. Here are pictures during the early part of the day:

Tomorrow I'll post before and after pictures of my 5th TCA chemical peel this season.


  1. This is a great post!! I just wonder what brand of tca do you use? Were you nervous doing this the first time?? Also, what sort of swabs do you use to apply the peel?

  2. I like skin obsession or skin laboratories, and I've used other brands. Yes, I was nervous the first time, but I always start at a low percentage and work my way up, so I knew how I would react.