4th TCA Peel - Before and After

The top of this post is a repeat. Updated photos are at the bottom of this post.

I turned 47 this month, and this year I vowed to be more aggressive in getting my skin in better condition.  To that end, yesterday, I did my 4th TCA chemical peel to address fine lines, some slight hyperpigmentation, and overall texture. Although I've also done some spot treatments, I'll just call this the 4th one.

I did only the lower portion because I feel like everything above that is in great shape and really doesn't need any additional TCA chemical peels, although I will continue glycolic acid for maintenance until the fall.

I used a 25% TCA chemical peel solution, and it frosted within 1 minute, so I rinsed as soon as it frosted.  I don't want to frost too deeply - more peeling, less healing, right!  The previous TCA chemical peels have helped with fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and overall texture, but I'm still not where I want to be...maybe one more after this??

Here's a before picture that I took on 2/11. No makeup or sunscreen, and I can still see some fine lines, some slight hyperpigmentation, and overall texture that looks a bit saggy around my mouth corners and lumpy on my chin--I don't know what that is:

Here's a picture after rinsing the solution off. The frost is still there, but it went away after about 10 minutes.

Here's a picture the next morning, about 12 hours after the TCA chemical peel solution was applied. No makeup or sunscreen yet.

Day 2 after a peel always looks good to me: just slightly swollen and taut...just wish it didn't turn into day 3

Here's the morning of day 3. Leather look is here, as expected on day 3, which is usual for me, even with lots of Cu3. Not a good look - hiding out today.

Just before my shower at the end of a very long day 3. I can't tell you how much will power it took to keep from pulling this skin off! Yes, most of it came off in the shower.
The skin above my lip and beside that area didn't even start to crack today, so this is going to go on through day 4.

It took a total of 4.5 days for this peel to completely finish, although I hid for about 1.5 days, so make sure you plan wisely on when you do your peels.

Here are the before and after shots, and I'm including without sunscreen/powder and with:

BEFORE (without sunscreen and powder):

AFTER (without sunscreen and powder):

AFTER (with sunscreen and powder):

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