Laser Hair Removal

If I could remove the hair above my lip and under my arms with chemical peels, it would already be done.  I’m embarrassed to say that my vision has gotten so bad that I can’t see the hair under my arms to shave properly—it’s disgusting to have a rogue hair poking out. 

So I’ve finally caved and begun laser hair removal.  I got a groupon for $130 to get six treatments, and my first procedure was yesterday!  I was so NOT prepared.  Here are some tips if you decide to do this:

  1. Take an NSAID before you go; while the pain is tolerable, it would be better with a little something;
  2. Wear a tank top under your regular shirt because the PS office I visited didn’t offer any cover-up at all;
  3. Take a baby wipe to wipe the conducting gel off afterward since they just use a wooden spatula.

So I found out that I couldn’t have my upper lip done anyway because the laser targets melanin, the color pigment in hair, and my “mustache” is blonde (I guess I can be thankful for that).  She said they also can NOT do red or gray hair, so get out there girls before the grays show up!

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