Retin-A and Glycolic Acid?

I wasn’t able to apply my 2nd dose of Retin-A last Saturday night because my skin was still red, irritated, and flaking from the Tuesday night application.  My skin is so sensitive that I really have to wait more than a week between applications when I first start using it after a long break, so don’t be discouraged if this happens to you.  You can always start with a retinol cream, which is available OTC.

I really have to listen to my skin.  If you have really sensitive skin, start slowly and you’ll love the results.  Go too fast, and you'll be miserable.  I can only tolerate Retina if I work up slowly; otherwise, I get rosacea, and that is tough to get calmed down.

Because I was starting to break out a bit from not using my glycolic acid chemical peel and it had been almost a week since the Retin-A, I decided to dilute my 50% glycolic acid to make a milder exfoliant to use between Retin-A applications.

In a small glass bowl, I added ¼ teaspoon of 50% glycolic acid to ¼ teaspoon of hyaluronic acid, and I mixed it well.  I applied it and kept it on for about seven minutes, then I rinsed with cool water and moisturized. 

I got a nice exfoliation without any irritation, and I’m ready for my next Retin-A application tomorrow night.


  1. Hello,

    I find your chemical peel info very helpful. I have ordered the glycolic and am on my way. I just wish I had the funds to also do lasers, fillers and botox regularly. Had done a full course in 03 and absolutely loved the results but I believe then it came to over $3000! OUCH to just have it fade within months. I do like the filler in your lips -- I had done an aug that also disintegrated. Your lower bleph looks great (Mine was in 02). Now, you say you have laser peels along with the chemical? Or is this batch of chemical peels in lieu of the face lift?
    Keep posting. I am a fan!!! :)

  2. Hi Barbara, Thanks for your posts. Oooh, I know those fillers are killing my bank account too! I really need to redo my lips because it's been a year this month. I haven't done a laser peel in over a year as well. Yes, this batch of chemical peels is in lieu of a face lift. I don't think I'm ready for a FL because my skin has really done well with the peels, so I feel like I can keep this up for at least 5+ more years (crossing my fingers). Let me know how the peels work for you!!!