Results of my first full-face TCA Peel - days 0-2

My first full-face 15% TCA Chemical Peel is over!  My skin looks fresher, and I know the results will only get better with each of the 5-6 series I’ve planned over this winter.  The week was easier than I though.  Makes me look forward to the prospect of a Chicago winter for once--and what it allows me to do.

My before and after pictures to come.

A few lessons I want to share about this experience:

  1. Never plan an event within a full week of a light TCA peel;
  2. Take your facial moisturizer with you, everywhere;  my new favorite is Squalane from Timeless.  I'll post more about this next week.
  3. Do not pull skin (I didn’t do it, I promise; and I’m so glad because that one extra day peeling meant nothing in the big scheme of things.); I actually ended up cutting some peeling skin from my face using a pair of fingernail scissors.
  4. Record what you did that worked and what didn’t and keep a log of how your skin reacted, so you know what to expect the next time.  Believe me, you’ll forget or get mixed up.

Here’s how days 0-2 went:

I applied the TCA chemical peel at about 10p.m., after we got home from dinner.  I was pink but not red.  Interestingly, TCA chemical peel doesn't sting my skin as much as my glycolic acid does, go figure.
Face felt a little tight, but I really only needed sunscreen and powder to camoflauge the pink.
Pink gone.  Skin started getting a little brown, so I used my EltaMD physical sunscreen without tint and let the white zinc hide the color.  I’m sure no one noticed since not even my husband asked about it or made any comments.  Here I, not sure why my mouth was open when I took this??:
Tuesday through Saturday to come...


  1. I would kill for your skin and I'm only 25 :(

  2. Thanks Rachael. Do you have acne scars? My son has acne scars, and he's doing TCA peels with me this winter, but he's using a stronger solution.