CU3 Complex - Treatment for your Chemical Peel

I wanted to post more information on a product line I bought specifically to use during my chemical peels because it was recommended on several surgery and chemical peel forums Renova Complex CU3.  The product website states that it is recommended for use after a laser, microdermabrasion, hair removal, or chemical peel:

Slightly blue color is the copper.
Product Line Description:
Soothing base is combined with patented GHK Copper Peptide Complex for enhanced and accelerated healing immediately following a chemical peel or procedure. Helps prevent the formation of crusts and scabbing while maintaining skin hydration also relieves tightness and itching.

You don’t see many products labeled for post-procedure use.  This line includes several products for different skin types and different types of procedures: Gel, Lotion, Cream, and Sunscreen.  I have all of these except the gel.

Neova Complex CU3 Post-Laser Lotion
4 oz./120 ml
  • Specially formulated for post-procedure skin after laser hair removal, microdermabrasion or non-ablative laser procedures. Can also be used on post-procedure skin after chemical peels. 
  • Unique copper peptide complex provides deep nourishment to skin. 
  • Skin retains moisture for soft, fresh feel.
  • Lotion is light enough to be worn under make-up


Neova Complex Cu3 Intensive Repair Creme

(1 oz. / 30ml)


  • Complex Cu3 is for post-procedure skin care, use as directed by your physician
  • Intensive Tissue Repair Cream is a copper peptide complex to accelerate skin healing
  • Skin hydrating glycerin gently hydrates and moisturizes the delicate tissue of the skin
  • This product does not clog pores and should be used directly after to lessen post-procedure crusting

Neova Complex Cu3 Intensive Hydrating Gel

(2.5 oz. / 75ml)


  • Complex Cu3 is for post-procedure skin care, use as directed by your physician
  • Gently dissolves crusts while hydrating and nourishing post-laser skin
  • Combines skin nourishing copper peptide, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium and dextrose to increase skin's natural healing metabolism
  • Skin nourishing ingredients increase skin cellular turnover

ProCyte Ti-Silc Sheer SPF 45 (tinted) 

4.0 fl. oz.

This is great under makeup!  Advanced formula SPF 45 UVA-UVB sunblock for daily protection. Micronized titanium dioxide and silicone based, providing instant waterproof sunblock with a 90% UVA block.

I really like this because it's very moisturizing and is silicone based, so it looks great under makeup; but I wouldn't recommend it for oily skin.  The tint doesn't really seem to make a difference on my skin...just seems to be there to mask the titanium's naturally white tint.  Here's a picture of it:

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