TCA 25% Chemical Peel - day 2

Today is day 2, and there isn't much to see, except the light spots got darker and the one spot I'd done in TCA Chemical Facial Peel 50% got much darker.  I wouldn't even say that my hands are pink like they were yesterday.  Since I didn't take a BEFORE picture, this picture does give a pretty good view of what my hands looked like before the peel, except the spots were just slightly lighter.

You can see a lot of hyperpigmentation - that's what I'm really hoping to get rid of, so I'll be thrilled if I can also get a better texture, smoother skin.

I used TCA Chemical Facial Peel 50% and made a 25% concentration by adding 1 teaspoon of the acid and 1 teaspoon of distilled water.   I applied full-strength, 50% TCA on that large brown spot you see near my thumb.  If you feel more comfortable not mixing or diluting, you can get 25% TCA Chemical Peel here.

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