Glycolic peel - ACNE CURE?

I've been doing the Glycolic Acid 35% Gel Peel now for several weeks, and I haven't had a blemish since I started using this product!  Remember, my temples from about 3-4 weeks ago.  They always has small blemishes on them.  This is one of my temples today; the other side is the same. 

I am so thrilled with this peel. Could it be possible that this product is a cure for acne?  I've never had bad acne, but I have that persistent kind that appears every month, or when I try anything new on my face. You MUST TRY this if you have acne.  It's only $18 and the bottle will last you six months.  I wish I'd found this sooner...

I've also read that Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel is very good for acne-prone skin, but I haven't tried this.  I've used a much lower percentage in Obagi Cleanser with 2% Salicylic Acid but I don't think the percentage was enough for my stubborn skin; it probably works great for others with less acne-prone skin.  For even more stubborn acne, the Salicylic Acid 30% Chemical Peel, 30mL (Professional)- FREE SHIPPING is probably better.

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