30% TCA at-home Peel

This 30% TCA chemical peel has been my highest at home so far; and after doing it, I don't think I can go any higher at home because it was red and burning--and it hurt! The burning for several days scared me a bit because I felt like I could have been in the early stages of an infection.

Although I am terribly careful about what I eat and drink during a peel--to promote faster healing, I was especially careful after the burning sensation continued. I drank only filtered water, ate wild-caught fish and fresh, organic veggies, along with a few fruits (to keep my sugar consumption very low).

I also applied anti-bacterial ointment on days 1-4, and I am sure that helped as well. I was afraid of a bad breakout, but I figured that was better than an infection and possible scarring! It was a smart decision. 

Note: I diluted the original formula from 50% to create a 30% (very close based on mixture). I also use the proper pH product to get the right peel. I always check the pH before buying and double check it with test strips before use. I did not neutralize this peel, but I probably should have, given how red it stayed for several days. It ended up being a great peel, although it was still risky.

Here is a series of photos covering the 10-day TCA at-home chemical peel (click on to enlarge each)


Frost (Yes, I was thinking, "what have I done?"):

Next morning:

Day 3:

 Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 8:

Day 10 (just moisturizer):

I just turned 50!


  1. Wow 50 yrs old !!!! ..... you look great !!! love, love how smooth your skin! Gonna do at home chemicals peels on my holidays! you totally inspire me !

    1. Good luck with your peels. It's not an overnight process, but I've seen results with consistent, continual treatment, being conservative, and UV protection.

  2. You are my hero ♥♥♥ ;)
    I have begun a regimen of contour - infrared/cold/rf treatments. One to build collagen beneath, one to diminish on the surface and the other treatment to help with redness. I will have my fourth in a couple weeks. It burns for awhile, too.

    The woman that actually treats me has the most amazing skin.

    I am still considering peels tho once it gets cooler.

    The working phase of the peel looks amazing *and painful. I think I would try to get some topical lidocaine/xylocaine to use right before. Then use the alcohol/acetone, perhaps?

    The results post-peel are marveloos!

    (I am really trying to remove the stress off my face. August will be a year of still trying to finalize the divorce. oy)

    lookin good gabi!!

    ~~Barb F (soon to be S.)

    1. Barb, Thanks for your sweet comments.
      I know it's been a difficult year for you (hugs). It is crazy what stress can do to our skin though. I just moved across the country, and I'm starting a new teaching job here in Texas, so I'm feeling a lot of stress too, although nothing near what a divorce can cause! Your treatments sound really interesting; I need to look into that.
      I have lidocaine, but the application of the peel doesn't hurt--TCA acts as a natural anesthetic at this high a percentage. It was the burning on the 1-3 days afterward on this one that really hurt. I was putting cold compresses on my face and sleeping with a fan blowing directly on my face at night! It was worth it though! I also did my neck, but I didn't include pictures--I'm going to do a separate post for that later (when I get more time).
      Take care, Gabi

    2. Hello!!

      Texas?! Wow. Daughter was considered for a position in MIdland *I was to move with her. Stayed a month and found it was actually temporary so she stayed on in Chicago. I am single. Hooray. And now in Illinois! It seems so many people I know are heading West. I hope it all works out well for you. (Don't want to ask personal questions, here.)

      I have signed up for the Vipeels. October 18th will be the first. May do some peels/treatments on my hands, as well. It will be a nice start up for my TCA's, right? I was getting up there in strength, too - but not nearly as high as yours.
      No one will believe your age. You look 30 to me!!


      Barb S (no more husbands!!)

    3. Hey Barb! Let me know how the VIpeels go. I am still just doing the TCA peels. I haven't done one since June since school is in session, but I am back on my retin-a.
      Thanks...I think they've helped me age better too, although I could only *wish* to look 30 again! Take care and take some pix before/after the vi so I can post them!

  3. Hi Gabi -
    I have only had one and I'm not that pleased. I think I get better results from TCA for sure. I had such high hopes and I did buy the three! Along with resurfacing, tightening and ipl. Might use the others for neck. I suppose.
    Can't wait to get back on TCA for sure!
    Hope you have a great Holiday.

    Barb S. :)