LED Infrared Light Therapy for Wrinkles and Healing

This winter I've been focusing on using Retin-A as my chemical peel agent of choice, primarily because my responsibilities at work have prevented me from doing as many TCA peels as I've wanted due to the downtime.

I've finally increased my .1% tretinoin cream to nightly use, but I hadn't been able to use it more than 2 or 3 times a week due to redness and irritation....until I combined it with my LED Infrared Light Therapy, which speeds healing.

As a bonus, this light therapy is also shown in studies to improve wrinkles!  I've been loving this new approach because I have absolutely NO downtime, and my skin looks great.

Here's my routine:

AM - no cleansing, just splash filtered water, moisturize, sunscreen, and powder
PM - cleanse gently with a homemade hyaluronic acid cleanser, rinse, and apply shea butter, then use my LED light for 17 minutes while I listen to a book on my ipad.

Those of you who've read most of my blog know that I've had the LED DPL light for over a year now. I used it initially for healing after peels and didn't use it daily, but I'm glad I started using it daily with retin-a! I think the results are rivaling my TCA peels!

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