TCA Spot Treatment

Last year I started doing TCA spot treatments where I target very small problem areas only. This was not my brainchild, but the credit belongs to a fellow peeler.

The technique is great because I can't afford any downtime right now, and using a very small applicator and pinpointing only those spots allows me to work on those areas without sacrificing time. These very small areas will not be noticeable to anyone except me, and they'll heal much faster because my body is dealing with such a small area of trauma.

These are areas I typically spot treat (click the image to enlarge):

Using 50% TCA and a thin plastic applicator, I apply the TCA solution only in a few fine lines and small scars. I don't recommend anyone use 50% TCA without much experience or professional advice, and I am NOT a professional.

If you can't find anything plastic that is small enough, I cut a thin strip off the edge of an old credit card I never used and peeled it apart. I dip the applicator into the solution and make sure there are no large droplets on it before I apply. I also have to use 15X makeup mirror to apply it because it's hard for me to see some of those scars (eyes are getting old).

I don't use alcohol on any of the areas since the TCA % is so high. The tiny dots and thin lines frost immediately, and I don't wash them off, but before bed I apply my CU3 post laser copper peptide lotion.

I'll have a few tiny brown spots and thin lines, but they'll be so small no one will notice. And it's a technique that I can use more frequently since it's not a large area...the tiny areas will heal much faster, and I can treat those problem areas more frequently and more aggressively.

After the frosting goes away, I can barely see a few pink dots and lines: nothing a little concealer can't handle!


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  2. I would love to try this. I actually have sag marks at the ends of my lips. I had a peri-oral laser done in the area and I feel the skin that was not lasered is what is beginning to sag. 50% just in the creases. Might just do it. I have just finished a 30% (more or less - I am just beginning to mix my own strengths) and a 27% tca before that.

    My skin specialist said it looks great! She also ordered some new RetinA and urea cream to help with the peelies. :)

    Good job on the reporting :)


  3. Barb, this is one of the easiest peels to do because no one else even notices it and it heals so fast. I had another friend who did it just in the creases/corners of her mouth, and although she overdid it once, she was able to do it every weekend!

  4. Going to try soon. Peelies are almost done! I love this idea, Gabi. So much of the skin on my face is ok - and I will still do the all overs every now and then. The downtime is exasperating. (And I tend to scare small children when out in public ;).

    1. Barb, you just made me spit my coffee with that one ;-()