Before Picture 2012

To determine if a chemical peel is working for me, I like to compare before and after results, and the only way to do that—for me—is to take pictures. When comparing results, it’s hard for me to see discernible differences after only one application of a chemical peel.

So, here’s my end of the summer 2012 close up BEFORE picture, without makeup or sunscreen. Yes, I’ve religiously worn a chemical-free zinc-based sunscreen daily, and I’ve donned a hat when possible or even used some of my students’ papers to shield my face. It does seem extreme, I know.

Before 2012 Chemical Peels - No Makeup or Sunscreen


I’ll be 49 in three short months, so I do have to be extreme with my face. Although I still have several acne scars around my chin, I believe my extreme caution, along with a series of conservative at-home chemical peels each winter, have helped.

So here’s your reminder, if you’re starting your chemical peels soon, start taking pictures!

I’ll be doing my first TCA chemical peel either tonight or tomorrow night, but I may not be able to post pictures until next weekend. I’ll be away at a conference this week, and may not have access, depending on my hotel room.

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  1. Pictures? Can they be out of focus and taken from a few hundred feet? Hey, I saw 49 SEVEN years ago! eek. I still feel like a 30 year old, tho. Lost a couple pounds --seems just the fat in my cheeks, tho. Eyes are not sunken in yet - the lower bleph in 02 has held steady, thank you Lord! But tiny lines ((( in lower cheeks, end of the eyes - those ELEVENS between the eyebrows make me look sad. ~~~Barb