TCA Chest Peel

My 30% TCA chest peel is nearly complete. I decided to peel this area without prepping it; the results confirmed what I’ve read numerous times: skin that is not prepped with a peeling agent for about a month prior to a TCA peel may produce uneven results.

On March 25, I started with an alcohol wipe to remove all oils from the area. Then I applied the TCA peel solution evenly, using strokes that I counted. I applied three layers. Although I applied it evenly, some areas frosted while others did not.

I neutralized the areas that frosted early, but those areas still seemed to have a deeper peel compared to the remaining areas, which seemed to be more of a medium to light peel.

The deeply affected areas required antimicrobial ointment for several days because they became red and irritated—much more than a normal peel produces. It kind of scared me.

After applying the ointment for several days, the redness subsided as well as the pain. Those areas became a deep brown color. You can see the areas toward the top and then the bottom center:

Following that first week, after the inflammation was reduced, I was able to apply my CU3 Intensive Tissue Repair Creme nightly.

It’s been two weeks since I applied this peel, and it's peeling all over, the deeper and lighter areas.


  1. Hi there! I'm interested in doing a peel on my chest as well. I have tons of sun damage and I'm very freckly from tanning when I was younger.

    Do you have updated pictures? Did most of your sun damage go away? Would you say that it's worth it?

    1. Hi Michele, I didn't get visible improvement from this peel. Like most of my peels, I need a series of about 4-5 to really see a difference. I probably should start those now that it's cold again. I'd say if you're conservative like me, it's going to take several before you see any difference, but everyone's different :-/