25% TCA Peel: Arms

Last year, I did a 15% TCA peel on my forearms. I had applied 5 layers, and I never saw a frost on them. Below is a photo from day 7 after the peel application .

15% TCA 5-layers on day 7, Oct, 2010

Today, I applied the remaining 25% TCA peel solution from my last facial TCA peel. I did an alcohol cleaning of my arms since there was oil on them from after my shower last night, then I put on 3 layers of the 25% TCA peel and did not rinse it off. I put lotion on my arms after about 5 minutes. It hurt for a long time, even when my thin cotton sleeves touched the hair on my arms.

Here's a picture before I applied the solution, so I can do a comparison after it is complete:
Before TCA peel (2012)
I did get a slight frost this time, but only on a small portion of my arm (far left on this picture):
Frost with 25% TCA Peel on arms (2012)
I took this picture in the evening, about 4-5 hours after I applied the peel. The picture doesn't show the redness as well as it could be seen.
25% TCA peel on arms, 4-5 hours after application

I'll post pictures as this peel progresses.

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