Update: Age Spot Removal with Chemical Peels

I do think that the 18% TCA is a great strength for chemical peels when I don't have the luxury of downtime!

I see some change with this percentage TCA chemical peel on the age spot with the before to current pictures, but not much, so I'm going to go a bit higher on the next one since this area is easily hidden.

It's encouraging to know that I can use a lower strength (than 25%), which allows me to be out in public, except for that one day when I'm really peeling!

Here are some before to current pictures of the age spots on my temple.  I've been using 18% TCA chemical peel on them.

Age spots last year before any treatment. I found this picture in my Sept 2010 folder:
Age spots before treatment (there are two or three really small ones in addition to the larger one)

This peel is about a year after the picture above, so there's more sun damage since that picture was taken. Here's the picture after this year's 1st TCA chemical peel:
Age spots after 1st 18% TCA chemical peel
After 2nd TCA chemical peel:
Age spots after 2nd 18% TCA chemical peel
After 3rd TCA chemical peel:
Age spots after 3rd 18% TCA chemical peel

Okay, on to a higher strength. I'll post some before and after pictures of the age spot removal with TCA as soon as I do a few more peels.

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