First TCA Facial Peel - Day 10

Although it probably doesn't seem like it, it's been 10 days since I applied the 25% TCA patch chemical peel. Here's a picture of my face from yesterday morning, so there's no sunscreen or makeup.

I applied an 18% TCA peel last night just before bed on the lower half of my face. I don't usually do the upper half because I don't feel it's a problem, and having to hide part of my face is easier--especially now that we've had our first snow: if I'm out and things look really bad, I can pull my scarf up.

Since I applied the peel on Thursday evening, I am hoping that I'll be finished peeling before work on Monday!

I'll post a picture tomorrow of my face at the end of today so you can see how it looks one day 1, the only day that has NO downtime!

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